Happy Bday Gold Foil Balloon

Happy Bday Gold Foil Balloon


The perfect finishing touch for your birthday decor! Use them alone or with numbers to add to the message. 

You can refill this balloon over & over again! It cannot be completely deflated.
Simple inflate/reinflate with a straw. 

These balloon banners are for air-fill use only. Do not fill with helium. 

39" Happy

37" B-day
Made In USA

"how to inflate foil balloons with straw"
there should be a silver spot circled. This is where you inflate the balloon at. Press the straw into the silver spot.
The valve is usually at least a few inches deep into the balloon. You will feel resistance when you reach the valve.
Open the valve. Push gently past the resistance so the straw opens the valve. Blow gently on the straw and see if the balloon starts to inflate. If it doesn't, push the straw a little farther and try again until the balloon starts to inflate.
When you remove the straw, the valve of the balloon will seal automatically.(Remove the straw from the balloon and press the valve flat to seal)